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Why study at Deakin?

With Deakin, you get it all: innovative teaching, award-winning courses and world-class facilities. Our flexible study options, opportunities to study abroad and work placement programs mean you don't just study a course at Deakin – you get a great experience while getting ahead in your career.


Ranked first for skills development in Victoria

Ranked the #1 university for skills development in Victoria, Deakin University’s course curriculum integrates real-world expertise with practical skills to give our students a competitive edge.

*2018 Student Experience Survey

Courses informed by industry leaders

Our curriculum is informed by the best in industry, ensuring our courses stay relevant.

Workplace learning to get ahead in your career

Get real-world work experience when you study at Deakin.

Flexible study options to suit you

We know life can be complicated and you might be juggling all sorts of commitments.

Get a fresh perspective. Study abroad.

If you want to learn a different language, travel the world or understand more about different cultures, studying abroad could be for you.

All the support you need while you study

Our student mentors and learning advisers can give you all sorts of guidance and support.

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