Algonquin College

Focused on Student Success

Dedication to student success is Algonquin College’s guiding principle and is demonstrated through the quality of its programs, staff, the continual expansion of its facilities, and by forging strategic partnerships. Every action since the College was established has been to ensure students have access to the education and skills training demanded by the marketplace to launch a rewarding career.


We have a sincere and compassionate interest in the well-being of the individual.


We believe in the pursuit of knowledge, personal growth and development.


We believe in trust, honesty and fairness in all relationships and transactions.


We value the dignity and uniqueness of the individual. We value the equity and diversity in our community.

Student Population

Full-time: 18,386

Continuing Education: 45,411 Registrations

International: Over 2,100 international students enroll at Algonquin from more than 100 countries. Recent activity abroad includes projects in countries such as India, China, South Africa, Tanzania, Yemen, and Montenegro.

Age 25 or older: 23%
Age 20 – 24: 41%
Under 20: 36%

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